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Stay in luxury and comfort
Stay in luxury and comfort
Culinairy delights in our restaurants
For any kind of meetings or events

Enjoy Pentecost

Enjoy together withfamily and friends while being served in one of our hotels. Each Valk Exclusief hotel offers you several possibilities.

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Come and enjoy!

Pentecost brunch

Pentecost brunch

Enjoy all the tasty dishes during the brunch in one of the participating Valk Exclusief hotels!

Pentecost buffet

Pentecost buffet

  • Choose your own dishes
  • Prepared in front of you
  • Enjoy your time together

Live cooking is a well-known and successful concept from Valk Exclusief. Our chefs prepare the most delicious dishes for you, which you choose! At Pentecost, this is of course extra spectacular. Pentecost Live cooking at Valk Exclusief guarantees a cozy atmosphere with friends and family!

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